The Need

We present a summary of key democratic flaws as we see it with suggested solutions. Download doc

We believe that there is a need to develop an international standard for democratic and political structures and to make this available on a global basis.

We believe that the best political and democratic systems are those based on structures designed to deliver the majority/consensus will and expectations of the people.

We believe that political representation and the public service role has to be totally citizen focussed and not devalued by other distractions. Even with the best intentions the political establishment and their institutions of power can become insulated from the needs and realities of the mainstream population.

Political career aspirations and other influences in public office may also impact on the representational role. Situations such as ‘toeing the party line’ and ‘party whip’ dictates can sometimes divert the politician from voting in line with the democratic consensus of the people he/she represents.

The negative influence of external distractions like personal aspirations for politician or family, financial factors, commercial political lobbying influences, offers of gifts, travel or other inducements can impact on the political role. Inappropriate distractions should never influence politicians nor be allowed to impact adversely on the public service or democratic representational role of the serving politician.

The role of politicians and their resultant achievements is also related to their skills, knowledge and experience. The most successful organisations and businesses in the global community plan well, have defined strategies, deliver continuous improvement to their people and structures with ongoing evaluation of outcomes and performance. Those elements for success are often lacking in the political world and should in our view be utilised to support and enhance the role of the politician - thus contributing to democratic excellence and effective government.