The Approach

By consensus democracy:
To make the people’s priorities the politicians priorities. The people must lead and the politicians must follow.

The consensus proposal is to develop and promote an innovative democratic blueprint with world-class political standards. A proposal designed to enhance democracy, raise public service standards and deliver true democratic representation of the people by all politicians. This approach includes the Investor In Democracy (IID) Standard. Download doc A standard proposed as the preferred global benchmark/code of public service for prospective or serving politicians.

It proposes that the electorate can be successfully represented by citizen independents and political parties, large or small, who adopt electorate focussed standards. MPs/politicians making a public commitment to endorse national standards of democratic service in the constituency and areas they serve.

  • The proposal is that prospective candidates or serving political representatives do publicly endorse and be accountable to their electorate against a national framework of defined and evolving service standards.
  • All those who endorse the essential key elements of the framework will be recognised/publicised on a national (IID) register Download doc accessible to the electorate.
  • The service standards would be endorsed as a pledge to the people, which puts representative democracy/electorate service first before party whip, personal gain or career influences.
  • The IID strategy encourages ongoing engagement with the electorate by politicians in policy-making, service evaluation and it proposes achievable political frameworks with benchmarks.

Making people’s priorities the politicians priorities.