Consensus Aims:

To present a world-class political framework to build democratic government by the people for the people. 

We seek to support all who wish to establish and develop world-class political and democratic systems. Download doc Our aim is for truly democratic governments delivering rights, humanity and a just society for its people. Politicians that citizens can trust who deliver consensus originated policies for citizens whilst working selflessly, for the common good before party, career or financial gain. Consensus at this point is not a political party but a movement seeking support to reform politics for the greater good by presenting frameworks that:


  • Promotes political accountability to the people, via selfless public service founded on world-class political standards and true democratic representation by those elected.
  • Would build peoples faith in politicians and their institutions.
  • Is based on a proposed national/international standard to strengthen current democracies and support emerging democracies.
  • Promotes a unique standard of public service as the proposed Investors In Democracy Download doc standard and Code Of Conduct Download doc for politicians with supporting service frameworks.
  • Promotes greater democratic involvement by citizens with a political system designed to consult/engage more with the people.
  • Defines the aim of politics based on the key principle that politics ‘is the power entrusted to the few to work for the good of the many’.
  • Includes a national register Download doc of all those prospective or elected politicians who have signed a written democratic service contract to their people/their nation.
  • Promotes personal/professional development of prospective or serving politicians with support from (IIPADE.) resource.Download doc
  • Presents a ‘2020 Vision’ of a people’s Parliament Download doc that could be achieved if innovative political structures meeting the electorates needs are implemented.

A world-class political framework to build democratic government by the people for the people